The Legend of Lake Baikal – “Fish Tales” by James Hilton Pike

“Fish Tales” by James Hilton Pike is a story of the hunt for a mythical creature that supposedly dwells in a lake in Alaska. The first part of this book takes place in the nineteenth century and it concerns the discovery of a mysterious and magical lake called Lake Baikal. The book tells the story of how a young sailor, Peter Stuyvesant, comes to know about the existence of this legendary beast called Lake Baikal. He meets many strange people who tell him about the monster that is said to be lurking under the waters of the lake. He eventually reaches the lake where he is told about the legend of Lake Baikal and this book ends up being the basis for one of the most popular movies of all time, “The Lost Boys”.

“Fish Tales” has the same basic story line as many other Pike’s books and is more than a little bit of a mystery. We are told about the history of the world and how the Earth was created. We also learn about the development of different civilizations that were part of the ancient world and the different cultures that flourished during the early days of mankind. “Fish Tales” is one of those books that can give you a complete picture of human history and is interesting even if you do not think about the subject matter too much.

James Hilton Pike’s “Fish Tales” is a fun read and there is a lot of adventure and wonder found in the story. It also tells us about the different kinds of people that came before us and how they lived their lives. There is also a good deal of moral lessons that are learned from the story. There are many parts of the book that can be considered a mystery and I would recommend that you do your own research before you begin reading this book. The good news is that the story is a classic and is still available to be bought on CD or as a paperback.